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Decathlon: mid-way review

Day one is done for the most gruelling track event at the Games. As expected Ashton Eaton has taken control of the competition as he seeks to become the third man to win back-to-back Olympic decathlon titles. It would take an injury or some significant lapse of concentration for him to lose, but there is evidence from day one that the others mean business too.

Looking at each athlete’s overall decathlon personal best, we have taken that day one score and compared it to what they have in Rio. Kevin Mayer is the best performer and gunning for a medal. Kai Kazmirek, in second position, is performing well too, showing that Eaton and Damian Warner can’t have it all their own way.

Standings after day one, with PB comparison

Every time Eaton steps out on to the track to compete in the decathlon the world record is at risk. We’ve mapped out a comparison between the first-five events below. He has been on par or slightly ahead in the field so far, but just behind the stunning pace he set on the track in Beijing last year (45.00 for the 400m!). Although it doesn’t seem likely this time, anything is possible when Eaton sets his mind to it.

Eaton’s first 5 events: Rio v World record

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