London 2017: heptathlon preview

4 Aug 2017

The meet in Götzis in late May was one of the best ever (Thiam: 7013, Schafer: 6836, Ikauniece-Adminina: 6815, Johnson-Thompson: 6691) and I base my predictions from that, reversing places two of the places because of a switch of home field advantage. Johnson-Thompson will receive an Ennis-like crowd response in London. American Kendall Williams is likely to be near the lead after one event since she is a top hurdler (12.82 this year).

The world champs meet highlight will be the high jump where the heptathlon world record could go as both Thiam and Johnson-Thompson have cleared 1.98m (6-6). The lead may belong to Johnson-Thompson at the day break because of leg speed, but Thiam’s javelin is likely to dictate the final outcome; she tossed 59.32m (194-7) at Götzis—the 2nd longest in the history of the event. At 20 points per metre, she holds a 240-350 point advantage on the field of contenders. A meet and European record is possible.


Erica Bougaard could be in top six. This year she is the unfortunate victim of the US federation’s inability to do proper paperwork which eliminated the USA national champs as an eligible IAAF Combined Events Challenge meet. As a result, she lost that score and, with another good score in London, likely would have earned a significant amount in prize money. (1st $30,000, 2nd $ 20,000, 3rd $15,000, 4th $10,000, etc). If the USATF score was included she would stand solidly in 2nd place at the moment. Awkward and unfortunate.

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