Men’s 100m heats preview

4 Aug 2017

Usain Bolt will be making the first of his final appearances on the track in London this evening—and it’s the beginning of a fond farewell for the biggest star the sport has ever seen. However, when we asked Track Slammers (players of our game, Track Slam—you can sign up to play here) who they thought would be the fastest qualifier from tonight’s men’s 100m heats only 8% said Bolt.

Bolt’s not one for blitzing the heats. In the past six majors (world champs or Olympics—six in total) he has only been the fastest qualifier once (10.10 in 2011, Daegu—the one championship he famously didn’t win). Even when he was capable of 9.58 in 2009 he breezed in as the third-fastest qualifier (10.20). No wonder 92% of our track slammers are looking elsewhere.

The fastest qualifier from the men’s 100m heats?

Selections by players of Track Slam as %

Christian Coleman has the single largest backing (31%). And why not: he’s the fastest man in the world with a time (9.82) that came in a preliminary round at the NCAAs. His second-fastest time (9.93) also came from an early round at the US championships. He runs fast early. Justin Gatlin is the choice for 19% of Track Slam players and again for good reason. He has been the fastest qualifier from the 100m heats in the last two majors (Beijing worlds: 9.83, Rio Olympics: 10.01).

Yohan Blake—at risk of being the forgotten man despite being the second-fastest man in the world this year and of all time—has been picked by 10% of our players. He’s never been the fastest qualifier from the heats in a major champs. Some players are clearly predicting he will put down a statement that makes people take note of another Jamaican sprinter at Bolt’s farewell party.

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