Track trumps: decathlon edition

Our first “Track Trumps” is the decathlon edition. All athlete cards contain their individual event scores from their overall decathlon PB. All you need to do is select the event you think your athlete (the one on your left-hand side) has a better score in. Reach 10000 points and you’re a record breaker!


You’re a winner!

To score 10000 points you would need roughly…100m: 10.40 seconds; long jump: 7.76m; shot: 18.4m; high jump: 2.21m; 400m: 46.16 seconds; 110m hurdles: 13.80 seconds; discus 56.2m; pole vault: 5.29m; javelin 77.2m; 1500m: 3mins 53.7 seconds

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