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Women’s 5000m splits: Ayana fails to break the Kenyans

We thought it was going to be the same again: Ayana storming to victory after her stunning victory in the 10,000m. She clocked 14:30 for the second 5km of that race and she already had a world-leading time of 14:12.59 this season. It wasn’t just a victory being predicted; there was a chance of another world record, too.

Ayana surged on laps 5-7 (67.5, 65.8, 67.3) in an effort to break the competition. She usually does, but this time the Kenyans fought back. Working together, almost step by step, Cheruiyot and Obiri broke down Ayana’s lead. It wasn’t to be the double for Ayana as she ended up running a slower time than her second 5k split in the 10,000m.

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