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M Hanratty
3 Sep 2022

Competitor Index, artwork: Track Stats

Times, heights and distances are the foundations of track and field, but it’s competition that makes it a sport worth watching. This ranking shows the “top competitors”. The Competitor Index (CDX) looks at how an athlete performs relative to their past performance. If an athlete does better than expected (or consistently wins), their score goes up. If worse, then it goes down.

Click an athlete to see their expected positions (xPos) verses their actual positions (aPos) and how their score changes over time. CDX only shows athletes that have competed at least twice in an event in the past two seasons.


Top 10


Our article dives into more of the detail behind these rankings. It’s devised on results from Diamond Leagues and World Championships from 2017. Check back for updates after each Diamond League meet, or sign up for our mailing list for updates.


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