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Götzis 2021: heptathlon

M Hanratty
30 May 2021

Bougard and Vetter to compete in this year's event

Xenia Krizsan set a new PB and Hungarian national record scoring 6651 to take the heptathlon title in Gotzis, bettering Vetter who finished second with 6536 points.

You could throw a blanket over 4th-7th with only 10 points separating them. In that pack were three lifetime bests. Notably, German Vanessa Grimm added an impressive 269 points to her overall best score, which included five new (or equalled) individual event bests. See below how the top eight fared relatively against their PBs coming into the competition (the sorting function and overall scores are from their Gotzis results).

100m hurdles
High jump
Shot put
Long jump

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